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Video Fizzle Mistake #3:
Videos that Lack Compelling Story Telling

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in creating video happens in the content planning phases. In video vlogs, a common mistake is that the subject rambles on without a clear structure or story in their content.  While a vlog doesn’t need to be highly scripted, it’s important to plan your talking points before you start filming, keep your content focused and concise, and tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Even James Wedmore, Video Maverick and YouTube King Extraordinaire says he scripts all of his content before […]

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Video Fizzle Mistake #2:
Videos that lack Visual Stimulation

In the first article of the series “From Video Fizzle to Video Sizzle: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Business Videos” I shared Mistake #1: Content that Lacks a Compelling Story Structure.  Great content is the foundation upon which a compelling video is made. If you haven’t read my first article, I suggest you read this first: In this article, we’ll explore Mistake #2 business owners make:  Videos that lack Visual Stimulation. According to Switch Video, if you only stimulate the […]

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