M Lange Media Mission

We believe that an effective video platform is essential for conveying a company’s brand promise and unique value, telling the brand story, creating the “know, like and trust factor,” and establishing an emotional connection with your audience. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations reach their optimal potential by maximizing their impact through engaging media. We design our video platform from a marketing and branding perspective, helping brands communicate their unique value so they can impact their audience. We tell the brand story in a cinematic way that breaks through the audience’s permission barrier and gets them on board. We strongly believe that how a company communicates its unique value will directly affect the potential clients’ willingness to invest in them. Our focus is to create content that is highly engaging, professionally designed, and masterful in its messaging. Our greatest reward is seeing our clients’ businesses transform with a boost in the brand positioning, audience engagement, opportunities, and profits when they have a powerful video platform.

Michelle Lange – Producer & Video Brand Strategist

Michelle Lange - M Lange Media Michelle Lange’s mission is to bring a cinematic edge and powerful story telling to business and corporate videos. She works with companies and entrepreneurs to tell their brand story in a way that is compelling and authentic. Her specialties include creating a powerful brand message, producing professional videos, consulting in video marketing strategy, and providing on-camera coaching. Michelle’s signature offering is the business “movie trailer,” which tells a company’s brand story and unique value proposition in a highly cinematic way. Michelle also creates video content for corporations to increase employee engagement and achieve company initiatives. She loves sharing her expertise and speaking at national conferences including the IABC Worldwide Conference, IABC Communications Camp, and Rock the World. Michelle’s client base is across the country, with several clients in Los Angeles, New York, and the Baltimore/Washington, DC area. Michelle draws upon ten years’ experience performing as a professional actor in New York City and her experience working as a development associate in Hollywood. Michelle has worked closely with Hollywood screenwriters to develop their screenplays and movie pitches at The Gersh Talent & Literary Agency and at production companies such as Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and MGM. Michelle is dedicated to creating videos that engage, have impact, and move an audience to action. When her clients share their brand story with confidence, a game-changing shift occurs. They have greater influence and reach and become the sought out expert. Seeing her clients experience this shift and the increased business growth and opportunities that result is the greatest reward of her work.

Jen Welzel, Project Coordinator

JenWelzelJen Welzel specializes in creating outside the box systems and solutions. She also does web design, WordPress, and graphic arts, with a specialty in Photoshop and InDesign. Jen has a passion for helping her clients strategize solutions for maximum efficiency, ease of use, and productivity. She’s able to laser focus on the best way to accomplish the task at hand and can break down complex processes into simple, doable steps – a great value add for managing content and production. Jen loves coordinating projects and being the force behind the scenes to see them through to completion!

Cinematographers – Current Contributors

Marco Cordero
Andy Melo
Steven Palmer
Matt Toledo

Editors – Current Contributors

Sharon Weaver
Marco Cordero
Jennifer Gibson
Matt Toledo
Benjamin Masbaum