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Video Mistake #5:
Videos that Lack On-Camera Presence

You can write amazing video content, but if the speaker doesn’t have on-camera presence, your content will fall flat. To keep the audience watching, the speaker needs to engage the audience with their energy, presence, voice, and non-verbal communication. On camera presence is essential for gaining the trust of your audience, establishing yourself as a credible expert, and making your video engaging to watch. If you aren’t confident on camera, your audience will lose confidence in you. Have you ever watched a video where you see […]

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Video Mistake #4:
Videos that Don’t Serve Your Business Goals

Videos are an amazing way to communicate, show creativity, and express your brand story. However, a video for your business should serve a greater goal: ideally, it will help you achieve your business objectives. It’s essential to know what your goals are when creating video and to begin with the end in mind. If you can identify the goals of your video before you start the content writing and development process, you can reverse-engineer and design videos that best suit […]

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Video Fizzle Mistake #3:
Videos that Lack Compelling Story Telling

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in creating video happens in the content planning phases. In video vlogs, a common mistake is that the subject rambles on without a clear structure or story in their content.  While a vlog doesn’t need to be highly scripted, it’s important to plan your talking points before you start filming, keep your content focused and concise, and tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Even James Wedmore, Video Maverick and YouTube King Extraordinaire says he scripts all of his content before […]

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Video Fizzle Mistake #2:
Videos that lack Visual Stimulation

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In the first article of the series “From Video Fizzle to Video Sizzle: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Business Videos” I shared Mistake #1: Content that Lacks a Compelling Story Structure.  Great content is the foundation upon which a compelling video is made. If you haven’t read my first article, I suggest you read this first: In this article, we’ll explore Mistake #2 business owners make:  Videos that lack Visual Stimulation. According to Switch Video, if you only stimulate the […]

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From Video Fizzle to Video Sizzle:
10 Top Mistakes to Avoid in Business Videos

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Knowing how to create videos that engage and have impact is essential if you want to achieve your desired results. Please click here to see my full article posted on the Savor the Success website. Video has caught on in a big way because it generates interest and buzz, builds the know, like, and trust factor, and even converts sales while you’re off running your business. And this is essential if you want to quickly get the decision maker’s attention and stand […]

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