The Four C’s of Effective Marketing Videos

M Lange Media and Broadcast Louder present a webinar/teleclass

Wednesday, April 11, 8-9 PM EST

In this teleclass, Michelle Lange of M Lange Media shares the Four C’s of creating great videos that capture your target audience.  The Four C’s are:

Capture: Capturing an image that is highly visual, easy on the eyes, well framed, and well lit.  Creating videos that match the professional level of you and your website.

Content: Creating an effective message and speaking in sound bites.  Learning to craft your scripts to speak to the pain of your target audience, provide solutions to their problems, and share how you are uniquely qualified to understand and solve their problems.  We’ll also talk about the different types of videos and the most effective way to script your videos.

Communicate: How to create an on-camera presence that communicates credibility and confidence.   We’ll discuss the top ten mistakes entrepreneurs make in the way they speak and move on camera.

Call to Action: The importance of concluding your videos with a clear action step that you’d like your audience to take.  Whether it’s opting into your home page, registering for your course, buying your book, or booking you for a speaking engagement, without a call to action you are leaving business on the table.

When you create videos that have the Four C’s, your audience will be captivated and compelled to keep watching.  And they’ll say “tell me more!”

To find out more about this webinar/teleclass, visit  Broadcast Louder.