• Media and Video Marketing Strategy
  • Script Development, On-Camera Coaching
  • Filming of Sizzle Reels, Speaker Reels
  • Filming of Live Events and Live Streaming
  • Promo Reels
  • Videos for Book, Product and Service Launches
  • Content Videos to Package as Products
  • Videos for Websites


On-Camera Coaching Benefits

  • Increased confidence on camera
  • Establishing one’s credibility and “know, like and trust” factor
  • Learning to play on camera, transforming fear into fun
  • Accessing one’s charisma and presence on camera
  • Better awareness, better posture, and correct use of one’s voice
  • Learning to speak in sound bites
  • Discovering on-camera techniques that can be used for all future videos


Video Launch Benefits

  • Dramatically increase your income and lead list in a short time window
    One client grossed $44,000 in 18 days from a four-part video launch we did
    One client tripled her email lead list and quadrupled her Facebook Business Page “likes”
  • Gain a natural lead funnel
  • Create passive income through products that can be sold and repurposed
  • Book more speaking engagements
  • Gain direction and a skill set for writing and structuring video content
  • Receive a personalized video marketing strategy for your specific launch

M Lange Media helps entrepreneurs boost their brand, business, and bottom line through video.  Please contact M Lange Media for a complimentary 30-minute Video Laser Strategy Session to find out how you can increase your visibility, credibility, and revenue through video.

Contact: Michelle Lange
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