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Video Fizzle Mistake #2:
Videos that lack Visual Stimulation

In the first article of the series “From Video Fizzle to Video Sizzle: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Business Videos” I shared Mistake #1: Content that Lacks a Compelling Story Structure.  Great content is the foundation upon which a compelling video is made. If you haven’t read my first article, I suggest you read this first: http://bit.ly/1fmF5eS In this article, we’ll explore Mistake #2 business owners make:  Videos that lack Visual Stimulation. According to Switch Video, if you only stimulate the […]

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From Video Fizzle to Video Sizzle:
10 Top Mistakes to Avoid in Business Videos

Knowing how to create videos that engage and have impact is essential if you want to achieve your desired results. Please click here to see my full article posted on the Savor the Success website. Video has caught on in a big way because it generates interest and buzz, builds the know, like, and trust factor, and even converts sales while you’re off running your business. And this is essential if you want to quickly get the decision maker’s attention and stand […]

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Step 1 to Videos with Engagement and Impact:
Create a Clear Story Structure

Companies realize that video is an integral part of their marketing and communications platforms as studies show that videos have greater impact and influence than text. In fact, the Wharton School of Business did a study that showed that prospects are 72% likelier to buy a product or service when video is used, and that video speeds up buying decisions by 70%. While this may entice companies to buy a camera and start filming, there is skill and strategy involved […]

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