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Testimonial for Video Marketing Campaign

“I launched a six-week online marketing course for product-based entrepreneurs called Product Marketing Breakthrough. Part of my marketing strategy is to offer a four part free video training series during the launch. However, I’ve never done videos before and had no clue what to do.

I hired Michelle Lange to help me with the videos (coaching, shooting, editing, writing the scripts) and we spent the whole day shooting the videos. I had an amazing time and Michelle was able to get me to relax and coached me step-by-step as we were filming. She was absolutely amazing to work with – everything from setting up the video shoot, to the actual filming and everything in between – this has been the best experience ever.  Michelle and her team also handled my affiliate marketing campaign, video e-blast campaign, social media management, and copywriting, and they did a stellar job.

The end result:  I filled my program and tripled my list size.  My launch was a huge success, and I’m going to re-launch the program this spring.  Now I have all the videos I can use again for my next launch, as well as the email copy and affiliate copy that Michelle and her team wrote.  This will make the second launch so much easier!

If you’re looking to add some video to your site or to film video for any of your courses, launches, website, etc. I highly recommend Michelle Lange! She was amazing to work with, was able to determine exactly what I needed to have spectacular videos and the whole experience was incredible. She brought things out of me that I would never have been able to do on my own!”

— Andreea Ayers, Product Marketing Expert, www.andreeaayers.com


Testimonials for Business/Marketing Consulting

“Your work today was glorious.  Seriously.  Stupendous.  I cannot believe you did it again!!

I am now mystified not only by your focused advice that has helped me in so many ways, I am even more impressed that you can do this in any realm – whether it’s my photography business or my new consulting business.  For both, you helped me clarify my strategy on the spot, in such an unbelievably speedy way, and your points were so important – I can’t believe what I would have missed had I not included these changes in my proposal!  And it only took us 25 minutes!!

I am not letting you out of my hands anytime soon – you are indispensable with what you have done.  Anyone could be so lucky to work with you – have them call me so I can say more good things about you.  Seriously. I’m your biggest fan!

Thank you for changing my life – what a freeing force you have been!  Hello world!”

— Lindsey Patrice, Photographer, Consultant for Creative Professionals


“I had absolutely no idea how much I was shooting myself in the foot each time I went to meetings to present my skills and services! I always assumed that I wasn’t getting the contracts I took meetings for because there is such a saturated market in my chosen field, or that there were simply more qualified people. I always felt that I was decent in my meetings – turns out I needed a little bit of coaching from Michelle to help me stategically do my meetings and present my value and services more effectively.

I had a meeting with a company lined up in two days, and Michelle was very accommodating to fit me into her schedule. Michelle was completely prepared for my specific needs – she researched my field and target audience and gave me strategic questions to answer before we met. After about two hours of coaching, I felt very prepared for my meeting the next day.

I went in to the meeting with a positive outlook, and I could literally hear Michelle’s voice in my head guiding me. During my meeting, I actually noticed the places where I normally would have made a mistake, but because of Michelle’s guidance, I stopped myself and gave much more effective answers. I left the meeting feeling like Michelle’s coaching had been helpful, and that I would be more prepared in the future. Turns out, I wouldn’t have to wait that long. I met with the company from that afternoon and got a phone call that evening, letting me know that I got the contract! I couldn’t believe that after 11 months of taking meetings regarding this project with very little results, I got the first contract I met on right after using Michelle’s services!!! I started working with this company the very next day.

Bottom line is that Michelle gave me great advice and tips about things I didn’t even know I could be doing more effectively. I wish I had known about her services over a year ago when I first began marketing myself! I am just so glad I finally took such a positive step and gave myself the gift of Michelle’s exceedingly helpful coaching!”

— L. Popowitz, Attorney at Law, Consultant


Testimonials for On-Camera Coaching & Video Production

“Being great on stage, I was super frustrated how petrified I was, every time the video camera was on record.  Michelle, in her gentle, funny and soothing way, turned my camera shyness into soulful sizzle.  My confidence has increased enormously, as she taught me pacing, how to tune in and say what I really mean.  I also learned how to be more efficient with words — now when I need to shoot a quickie video, I can do it in less than 1/2 the takes it used to take.  She also taught me how to play on camera — once I learned to have fun on camera, I felt so much more confident, I started to play with it, and all kinds of ideas came flooding in — like my Bankability Minutes series.  I also learned how to use my voice and personality to stand apart and engage my audience.  I now feel really good about making videos.

I had no idea shooting videos could be this fun and rewarding.  Everything she taught me instantly increased my credibility. Michelle cared about me and my project at the deepest level.  Her advice was priceless and she always had my back.  Run, don’t walk, to hire Michelle.”

— Julie Steelman, Selling Mentor, Bankability Guru, Author, Speaker, www.juliesteelman.com


“I hired Michelle to do a viral video for my product Cold Sores Begone.  I love Michelle’s personality, her get-to-the-point manner, her ability to come up with great ideas even on the spot, and her can do attitude. She calls back when she says she will and gives updates on the project status.  Bottom line, we’re making what will be a high caliber professional commercial for television and/or online.  Michelle has a ton of experience in so many areas, she’s a video coach, does all kinds of marketing launch strategy and writing such as writing website copy and sales letters. I’m so happy with my decision to work with Michelle! We’re even planning for a viral video for my next product.”

— Robin Barr, Founder, Coldsores Begone, www.coldsoresbegone.com


“I love that Michelle Lange! She’s got a smart brain and a very thoughtful way of thinking through strategy. Hopefully she is coming out for a couple of projects so we New Yorkers can take advantage of her visit!”

— Angela Jia Kim, Founder, Savor the Success, www.savorthesuccess.com


“If you want rock star videos, Michelle Lange is your girl, and here’s why:  She will produce the heck out of your videos, help you sizzle, and help you rock your online presence so you can get booked to speak, you can share your brilliance with the world, and you can take it to the bank!”

— Lisa Steadman, CEO of Woohoo, Inc., Bestselling Author, Speaker, www.lisasteadman.com


“I met with Michelle to shoot some video for Broadcast Louder and Susan Newman Design Inc. It was an amazing experience working with Michelle. Michelle has so many things going for her that make her a great videographer. First she’s a creative person herself, so she understands how we creatives feel and was able to draw me out. Second, she’s a great coach and got me to loosen up and helped me understand how we speak, look, act and position myself, so within a short time I was so much improved it was amazing. And third she knows her stuff, equipment, lighting, camera, I was amazed at how I looked, so I highly recommend using her for your next video shoots.

Michelle is a genius… can’t wait to see my videos.”

— Susan Newman, Founder, Broadcast Louder, Susan Newman Design Inc, broadcastlouder.com, www.susannewmandesign.com


“I was getting lost in my words, looking unprofessional, and creating video content that had my message in it but was coming of disjointed. Working with Michelle enabled me to tighten up my thoughts for video, get the lighting right, and boosted my confidence to shoot video like a pro. Instead of looking at my video’s and going “Yuck,” now I say, “Right On!”

— Rick Clemons, Coming Out Coach, www.rickclemons.com