Video Fizzle Mistake #2:
Videos that lack Visual Stimulation

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In the first article of the series “From Video Fizzle to Video Sizzle: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Business Videos” I shared

Mistake #1: Content that Lacks a Compelling Story Structure. 

Great content is the foundation upon which a compelling video is made. If you haven’t read my first article, I suggest you read this first:

In this article, we’ll explore Mistake #2 business owners make:  Videos that lack Visual Stimulation.

According to Switch Video, if you only stimulate the auditory sense, people only retain 10% of information. But when you evoke both the auditory and visual senses, you have a retention rate of 68% (an increase of 58%).

Switch Video explains that when people are visual learners, they need images to help them understand the information — auditory stimulation alone isn’t enough. Whereas for a person who is an auditory learner, words are needed to support the images — images alone won’t do the trick.

In an effective video, you want to combine audio and visual images to trigger both the auditory and the visual senses, so that you activate your audience’s long-term memory. When potential clients absorb the information about who you are, what you offer, and the benefits you provide they are more likely to visit your website, contact you, and engage in your services.

Including titles and graphics to support your message also up-levels the production value of your video from the standard “talking head” video to a more professional, polished video.

Our company did a video launch for an established 7-figure business coach.  She asked us to put titles, images and graphics in the video every 20 seconds, telling us, “Make it look like a three-ring circus — we’ve got to keep them watching!”  It may feel like a three-ring circus to you, but titles and graphics give your audience the visual stimulus they need to absorb your content and stay engaged.

Below is a video that we created for our client Diane O’Connell, a book development expert, where we used titles to help the audience absorb the information she teaches.  Notice how even the simple titles we placed next to Diane O’Connell make her tips easier to learn.

Example of a video with compelling visuals using titles:

Write to Sell Your Book – Non Fiction Tip 1

Creating visual stimulation can be done a variety of ways.  For some videos, titles are all that are needed to keep us engaged, particularly in tips and training videos. For other types of marketing videos, such as the business movie trailer, live action footage and photographs are a compelling way to create the visual stimulation needed to keep the audience watching.   Whenever possible, it’s optimal to have a combination of cinematic live action footage and titles for maximum engagement.

Below is a video we created for Tara Brooke of Power of Birth, where we combined lower third titles with live action shots to engage the audience.

Example of a video with engaging visuals using titles and live action footage:

Power of Birth for Individuals

If you are creating do-it-yourself videos and you have no editing experience, adding lower third titles, graphics, photographs, and live action shots may be challenging.  However, you can send the footage you filmed to a skilled editor, and they can add the lower third titles, graphics, photos, and live action footage to your video.

What are the videos you’ve seen that have held your attention and what elements kept you engaged? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

Also, if you are ready to step into the spotlight of your business and brand, please reach out to us and schedule a complimentary consultation by clicking here:

We’re here to support you in creating amazing video that boosts your brand, business and bottom line.

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