Corporate Clients

This video was created for the first 3% Conference, which has become a national movement for women in advertising.

“Michelle was truly gifted at drawing out each interviewee and getting the soundbytes that make the video so persuasive. I see this sizzle reel as my “silver bullet” — the one asset I can link to in any email and always get an enthusiastic reply. I used this video as a marketing tool for the 2013 conference and was able to sell 411 tickets, secure $200K in sponsorships, and garner press interest. Hiring Michelle was the smartest investment I made in growing my conference into the future.”
Kat Gordon, Founder, The 3% Conference

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This video was created for Angelique Rewers, founder of The Corporate Agent. Since the launch of this video one year ago, Angelique has grown a thriving business with global reach, launching Inside Edge 2013, a wildly successful live event with an audience of over 450 people, including an international audience. She has established herself as a top level international brand, tripled her rates, and dramatically increased her revenue. In addition to this sizzle reel, M Lange Media produced the videos that were an instrumental part of her marketing campaign for Inside Edge 2013.

“Michelle is one of the best on-camera coaches I’ve ever worked with. She is amazing at strategy, content development and on-camera coaching. My sizzle reel has been a primer that gets my prospects excited about working with me even before we ever talk on the phone. It has completely up-leveled my brand and has allowed my expertise to really shine through. Thanks Michelle!
Angelique L. Rewers, ABC, APR, CEO,
The Corporate Agent

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Creative Professionals

This video was created for Sybil Henry to launch her Model Your Message program with celebrity photographer Starla Fortunato. Since the release of this video in April of 2013, Sybil has up-leveled her brand in a major way, establishing herself as a leading go-to Brand Style Expert for entrepreneurs. She has been invited to speak on big stages, increased her corporate client base, and has filled her schedule back-to-back with entrepreneur clients. This video landed Sybil a prominent corporate client who wanted to work with her after seeing the video. It has been a magic bullet in her marketing platform.

“Thank you Michelle! Your passion for your work is un-matched and your dedication to excellence is inspiring. I felt like you treated my project like it was your own. I can see why people fly you across the country to do their videos, you are simply amazing. You set the bar so high! I am still getting compliments for the videos, especially the sizzle. This allowed me to tell my story in a very impactful way.”
Sybil Henry, Brand Style Expert

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Beauty, Health and Fitness

This video is for the rebranding of the Afterglow Cosmetics website, coming soon in March 2014.


Prospects are 72% likelier to buy your products and services when video is used, and video speeds up buying decisions by 70%.

Wharton School of Business

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This video was created for the launch of the product My Daily C for their online advertising campaign.
My Daily C


Organizational housewares e-tailer Stacks and Stacks reported that visitors were 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who did not.


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